Presentation of the teaching syllabus of Art & Fashion Techniques

Presentation of the teaching syllabus of the modules linked to the general competences

Click a link below to download the file in docx format.

  1. Form 2 Bespoke tailoring
  2. Form 3 Bespoke tailoring
  3. Form 4 Bespoke tailoring
  4. Syllabus year 1 technical drawing
  5. Syllabus_Fashion Design_Bespoke Sewing
  6. Syllabus_HEALTH-SAFETY-ENVIRONMENT_All Specialties
  7. Syllabus_Pattern Drafting_Bespoke Sewing
  8. Syllabus_Sewing_Bespoke Sewing
  9. Syllabus_Textile Technology_Bespoke Sewing
  10. Trade & Training
Program of work for Arts and Fashion Techniques

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