Wait a second, were schools also invented or discovered? Is that true? Our parents went to school, their parents went to school, and also their parents went to school too.

Doesn’t that mean schools have been around since creation?

Anyways, Let’s Find Out!!
children in school

School has a long history. To attribute its invention to just one person would be difficult. The history of a school can be traced back to ancient Greece when groups of students met in main learning area.

The idea of passing knowledge in one way or the other has always been around with or without schools. The schools that we have today follow a well organised method of teaching kids under the direction of teachers.

Modern day schools have evolved over a period.
In the beginning,  there were just informal passing knowledge/skills  from parents to children.  This included teaching self-defense, doing domestic chores and learning moral and civic responsibilities.

Then came the  idea of grouping students together at a place to impart knowledge.
This came into being since ancient times. In ancient India,  it was Gurukul. In ancient Rome, the name of such schools was Ludi, the Latin word  for “play,”.

But there was no distinction on the basis of age. Ancient Greek, Egyptians and Chinese also had similar systems.
As schools became popular, many one-room schools opened up for kids to attend school full-time.

These kids came from families who could afford to let their children go to school instead of making them do work. Did you know that, in the older times, even children worked?

school children
children to school

Then as the importance of learning grew, schools have become accessible to all. They have trained teachers, proper grades for kids and a different curriculum that is followed in each grade.

Now, some people say it was a man named Horace Mann who started a modern school system.  He was an outstanding teacher who taught Latin and Greek. Some others say that it was a man named Mr. Harry P. School who started it all.
So that makes it so difficult to come up with just one person who invented school. There are many individuals and cultures that have contributed and made education what it is today.
And frankly speaking, there is no evidence to tell who actually invented schools!!

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Was School Invented And By Who?
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